Hearing aids just got smarter.

At Physicians Hearing Center, located in Dothan, Alabama, we carry the latest in digital hearing aid technology, including the Oticon ConnectLine, a smart hearing aid device that offers exceptional, discreet, seamless connectivity to your Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Some of the benefits of the new Oticon ConnectLine:

  • Audio from your Android or Apple device is wirelessly transmitted to your hearing aids, allowing improved phone conversations, video calls, music streaming and more- all with exceptional sound quality.
  • Eliminates unwanted background sound.
  • Customize sound levels based on your environment. Through the Oticon ConnectLine app, you’re able to have preset levels for specific places, such as restaurants, concerts, inside your car or anywhere you frequently visit.
  • With discreet operation through the touch of your finger, simply open the app on your Apple or Android product, and make changes to your hearing aid settings as needed.

Other Oticon ConnectLine products include:

  • Streamer
  • Connect Line
  • Connect Line TV
  • Connect Line Telephone

For more information on the Oticon ConnectLine or other hearing aids, schedule an appointment with us at Physicians Hearing, serving patients in Dothan, Alabama and the surrounding communities since 1977.