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We all know loud noises can damage our hearing, but did you know excessive noise levels can also hinder other parts of our health?

Permanent hearing loss can occur after being exposed to sounds of 85 decibels over an eight-hour period. When the sound is elevated to 100 decibels, it only takes 15 minutes to risk hearing loss. For reference, a typical conversation is about 50 decibels.

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June - seniors having dinnerHearing loss is obviously a physical condition, but the emotional impact of not hearing the world around you can be just as troublesome for many people.

A hearing impairment can often lead to at least some level of isolation. How could it not? We can only hear “Oh, don’t worry about it” or “I’ll tell you later” so many times before we stop asking our friends and family members to repeat themselves.

Physicians Hearing Center in Dothan, Alabama knows that hearing loss can lead to isolation and even depression, especially when left untreated. The good news is that coming in for a hearing evaluation and potentially getting hearing aids can go a long way in helping overcome these issues.

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Better Hearing Month - Seniors talkingIf you approach your hearing health proactively, you may have a real reason to celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month this May.

Designed to raise awareness about communication disorders and how treating them can improve lives, this year’s theme is “Communication Across the Lifespan.” Physicians Hearing Center in Dothan, Alabama knows that better communication requires effort from the person with hearing loss and those around them.

Different types of hearing loss can impact our ability to communicate in different ways. Most hearing losses are either conductive or sensorineural. 

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older man- playing chess on bench- lonelyWant a sharp mind as you age?

Keep your ears and eyes in tip-top shape.

Research has shown that adults with hearing and vision issues can significantly slow cognitive decline by taking steps such as using hearing aids and having cataract surgery. Physicians Hearing Center in Dothan, Alabama encourages those with hearing loss to schedule a hearing evaluation to discover how the devices can potentially improve their quality of life.

A large, national study known as the Health and Retirement Study analyzed 2,000 older Americans both before and after they began using hearing devices. The study discovered that the rate of cognitive decline was 75% slower after hearing aids were utilized.

Researchers learned that people had a greater ability to remember a list of 10 words after hearing aids than they could prior to wearing them. The simple rationale is that using your ears helps brain function as well. When people hear the sounds around them, their brain is better able to process them and work more efficiently. Those who are more engaged in conversation experience more social stimulation, which is also healthy for cognitive processes.

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vapingElectronic cigarettes are sometimes regarded as a tobacco alternative that is not as harmful to our lungs, but does vaping pose a hidden danger to our hearing?

Research still has a long ways to go in determining the lasting health impacts of vaping (using an e-cigarette) and whether it’s truly an ideal way to quit tobacco. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that more than 20% of high school students used an e-cigarette over the past month, while 3% of U.S. adults were regular users in 2017.

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Image of guitarist at concertWe know loud noises are bad for our ears, but did you know they can impact other areas of our health as well?

Studies have shown that repeated exposure to high-level noise impacts our health in some surprising ways. Being subjected to sounds of 85 decibels or more over eight hours can lead to permanent hearing loss, while exposure to 100 decibels can cause hearing loss in just 15 minutes. Sounds louder than 110 decibels cause immediate, permanent hearing loss. For comparison, the average conversation is about 50 decibels.

Physicians Hearing Center in Dothan, Alabama presents the following information on the dangers of loud noises:

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Woman covering her ears from the loudest sound in the worldWe all love music and enjoy attending concerts of our favorite musicians. But did you know that the loud concert you’re enjoying could damage your hearing? Noises occur every day, but some could even lead to complete hearing loss or even worse, death.

What is the loudest sound in the world?

The loudest sound in the world happened in 1883, on the island of Krakatoa, which sits between the islands of Java and Sumatra in Indonesia. It was caused by a volcanic eruption.

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Woman drivingDriving can be difficult enough with all of your senses working perfectly, so operating a motor vehicle with hearing loss does pose some unique challenges.

However, there are some techniques you can use to ensure the safety of you, your passengers and other drivers on the road. Physicians Hearing Center in Dothan, Alabama offers the following advice for better driving with hearing loss:

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Family holidayMany of us think of noisy toys simply as annoyances to adults in the room that may have to hear them while children are playing.

However, toys with excessive noise levels can actually damage the sensitive ears of the young people on our shopping lists. Over time, exposure to noise can result in permanent hearing loss. Studies have found that nearly 15 percent of youth between the ages of 12 and 19 have some level of hearing loss in at least one ear.

Physicians Hearing Center in Dothan, Alabama offers the following suggestions and tips for giving gifts for the children on your list this holiday season:

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thanksgiving dinner friends familyMany of us look forward to the holidays because it means scrumptious-smelling kitchens and time spent catching up with loved ones.

For those with hearing loss, however, the hustle and bustle of the holidays can also be frustrating due to difficulty communicating with family and friends.

Physicians Hearing Center in Dothan, Alabama offers the following suggestions for both those with hearing loss and their loved ones to have more satisfying communication this holiday season:

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