older man- playing chess on bench- lonelyWant a sharp mind as you age?

Keep your ears and eyes in tip-top shape.

Research has shown that adults with hearing and vision issues can significantly slow cognitive decline by taking steps such as using hearing aids and having cataract surgery. Physicians Hearing Center in Dothan, Alabama encourages those with hearing loss to schedule a hearing evaluation to discover how the devices can potentially improve their quality of life.

A large, national study known as the Health and Retirement Study analyzed 2,000 older Americans both before and after they began using hearing devices. The study discovered that the rate of cognitive decline was 75% slower after hearing aids were utilized.

Researchers learned that people had a greater ability to remember a list of 10 words after hearing aids than they could prior to wearing them. The simple rationale is that using your ears helps brain function as well. When people hear the sounds around them, their brain is better able to process them and work more efficiently. Those who are more engaged in conversation experience more social stimulation, which is also healthy for cognitive processes.

Similarly, studies have shown that improving vision by having cataract surgery can also slow the rate of cognitive decline in the senior years. The English Longitudinal Study of Ageing was conducted by the same researchers and looked at how addressing vision issues affected the mind. For adults with cataracts, having this surgery slowed the rate of cognitive decline by 50%.

Be Mindful About Relieving Tinnitus

Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) is a common auditory issue experienced by people of all generations, but it may worsen as a person ages. While many strategies are to mask the internal sound, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MCBT) aims to “accept” the ringing, buzzing or humming and learn to not be bothered by it.

In a British study, researchers found that using MCBT significantly reduced the severity of tinnitus when compared to relaxation techniques that aim to avoid the sound. Scientists believe this method is worth attempting for those individuals who have not experienced desired results in other manners.

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