couples eating 300x150Do you love dining out with family and friends, but hate how noisy restaurants can ruin the meal and conversation?

Hearing loss can make the restaurant scene frustrating, even for those of us with hearing aids. Fortunately, Physicians Hearing Center’s team in Dothan, Alabama knows there are some techniques to try when dining out that can make your listening experience as pleasant as possible.

Go Small or Go Home

The larger the group at your table, the more difficult it may be to follow the conversation. Try to keep your party a more manageable size, so you can maintain eye contact and not have to strain to hear someone at the other end of the table.


Take Advantage of Smartphone Capabilities

If your hearing aids can connect directly to your phone, you can take advantage of smartphone capabilities in your listening experience. The hearing aid wearer can place the phone in between themselves and their dining companion to get audio streamed directly to their ears.

Look for Good Acoustics

To combat hearing loss, select dining locations with at least some of these noise-reducing features: carpeting, curtains, tablecloths and booths. More establishments with concrete floors and brick walls are also installing acoustic panels on the walls and ceilings, reducing the bouncing-off-the-walls effect of sounds. These can help your hearing aids pick up on the voices you want to hear.

Select a Quiet Spot

Make a reservation and ask for the quietest spot of the establishment. This may be away from the front door, the stage, the kitchen or the bussing area. If possible, sit in the corner or against the wall so you don’t have to fight background noise from all areas.

Set Others Up for Success

It’s perfectly fine to remind your dining partners of how restaurant noise affects your hearing loss. In addition to wearing your hearing aids, ask others to speak clearly, maintain eye contact and keep their hands away from their mouth.

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