man wearing hearing aid looking at smartphoneHearing aids have greatly benefited from the rise of smartphones, offering those with hearing loss expanded listening experiences.

Digital hearing aids that connect wirelessly to your smartphone allow you to control a number of aspects of your listening experience, including volume levels and getting audio delivered directly from your phone calls, TV and music. 

They can also help you transition more easily between different hearing environments, automatically switching to different settings when you arrive at frequently visited spots: home, work, school, church or your favorite breakfast spot.

Physicians Hearing Center in Dothan, Alabama offers a number of hearing aids that give you a “smarter” listening experience.

Oticon Opn: This Bluetooth hearing aid is among the most popular digital hearing aids in the world, and it’s not difficult to see why. New technology from Oticon makes it 30% easier for Opn wearers to understand speech, reducing stress on your brain. Rechargeable, the Opn offers powerful tinnitus relief, telecoil capability to use wherever loop systems are installed, feedback reduction and lightning-quick processing in a variety of listening environments.

Phonak CROS and BiCROS: These hearing aids from Phonak treat patients with hearing loss in only one ear or those with hearing loss worse in one ear than the other. The updated CROS II offers an even better hearing experience, increasing the ability to understand speech in noisy settings, automatically adjusts to your listening situation and zooms in on the voice in front of you.

ReSound LiNX 3D: These advanced digital devices from ReSound help distinguish between speech and other noises, and can also be used as wireless headphones when connected to your smartphone or smart devices. Its Surround Sound functionality provides a 360-degree soundscape, preventing the need to turn your head to hear. Its Binaural Directionality III uses ear-to-ear technology, closely imitating the body’s ability to hear the noise you want to hear without isolating you from others sounds in the background.

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