More than 50 million Americans suffer from tinnitus, a “hissing, roaring, or ringing” in their ears. Luckily, most cases are intermittent and don’t require treatment; but if you’re experiencing tinnitus symptoms that don’t go away or affect only one ear, it needs to be examined.

At Physicians Hearing Center in Dothan, Alabama, we offer tinnitus evaluations to identify the cause, and if possible, eliminate it. We also offer management options to help make living with tinnitus easier.

Causes of Tinnitus:

  • earwax buildup
  • viral infection
  • stroke
  • injury
  • medications
  • ear infections
  • changes in environmental pressure
  • exposure to loud sounds
  • age-related hearing loss

We begin with an assessment that includes questions about your medical case history including: 

  • family history of hearing loss or tinnitus
  • history of noise exposure
  • your medications
  • the extent that tinnitus affects your daily life, sleep patterns, and occupation.

Treating Tinnitus

An audiological evaluation can reveal extensive information and will help us decide on a course of action for your tinnitus treatment. 

  • Hearing Aids - Tinnitus often accompanies hearing loss; therefore the use of hearing aids can benefit by enhancing actual sounds and masking (covering up) the ringing sensation you perceive.

  • Tinnitus Maskers - Maskers are tiny electronic devices that closely resemble hearing aids. They are designed to generate sounds to cover up tinnitus symptoms.

  • Noise Machines - A fan, radio, white noise simulator, or another sound generator to cover sounds, especially at night when you’re trying to sleep.

  • Counseling- Because stress often increases the perception of tinnitus, we recommend that you employ relaxation techniques and seek therapy. Anxiety and depression are common side effects of tinnitus. Having someone to talk to may help ease some of the tension.

  • Relaxation - Using techniques such as meditation, yoga, and even listening to pleasant sounds such as music, or nature sounds may soothe your frustrations and allow you to focus on something other than your tinnitus.

  • Healthy Lifestyle - Avoid exposure to loud noises, smoking and consuming alcohol and caffeine- as these can worsen tinnitus.

Tinnitus Advancements

For additional information about tinnitus advancements from two of our hearing aid providers, follow the links below.

Physicians Hearing Center has been providing extensive hearing health care to residents in the Dothan, Alabama area since 1977. Allow us to help you manage your tinnitus symptoms. Schedule an appointment today.

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