Once again hear first hand how the NEW Oticon OPN is changing lives! 

"These new hearing aids are so much better! I can hear the people when they talk, I can hear the birds outside.  I could even hear the owl, which I couldn't even hear with my other hearing aids.  I can hear the TV and I even turned it down 10-12 numbers. The phone ringing in my own ear is so much superior, I can understand what people are saying again.  They are amazing!"

Mrs. Mason, Chipley, FL.



Joel Johnson,Taylor, AL.

Precious women to work with. Thankful to hear how wonderful their new OPN devices are working. Patient's give outstanding testimonials all day every day on how clear the new OPN devices are, providing understanding of speech like they have never experienced before.

"I just love them. They are so clear and I can hear.  They are so modern. And Grace has showed us all the features on them.  I just love them and am so thankful to have them."

"They are so clear, clear as a bell. The others were great, but I think these are better.  It's so nice to go to the movies and not have to ask, 'What did they say? What did they say?' So it's nice just to be able to be on my own and hear.  I just can't say enough about them.  If you don't hear everything, come see Gracie!"

Sandy & Debbie Dykes

Mr. Cecil Lane has been coming to Physician's Hearing Center for about 10 years,and he recently upgraded his hearing devices to the NEW Oticon OPN. He is hearing better than ever before.  Thanks Mr. Lane for trusting us with your hearing healthcare. Always a pleasure to work with!

"Things are clearer and they perform much better in groups and restaurants."

Mr. Cecil Lane

"I can hear my phone when it does the little beeping things. And I can also hear the sizzling sound when I am cooking on the grill. Sounds I haven't heard in awhile.  And the clarity of speech when people are talking is a lot better."

Mr. David Reynolds

"It's a lot better than what I had and I can hear a lot better."

Mr. C

"I really love them!  I can hear better and I can actually carry on a converstation with people and hear what they are saying.  I have really enjoyed them. I hear people complaining about their hearing devices, but I LOVE mine!"

Doris Bates, Althea, FL.

Patients love their NEW OPN devices by Oticon. A TRUE paradigm shift in hearing aid technology. Oticon is a leader in advance level technology. We have been fitting some of their products for 17 years. The first OPN level was introduced in June 2016, and the new OPNs just won two prestigious awards from the 2017 CES Innovation Convention. What wonderful devices we are thankful to be able to provide!

"From the last ones that I had last year, these are so much better. Much clearer and this seems like a whole new world to me"

Mrs. Helms

"It's been great since I've had my new hearing devices. I wish I would have done this a long time ago. I put up with hearing loss for several years. I worked at the paper mill for 40 years and that probably contributed to some of my hearing loss. I wish I would have fixed this sooner. I love hearing my grandson call me 'Paw Paw.'"

Ollie Cushion, Blakely, GA.

PH Patient Testimonial Willie"Everything is great. I can hear much better. It has worked perfectly for me!"

Willie Curley, Dothan, AL

PH Patient Testimonial"It's wonderful! I have been wearing devices since I was 11 years old, and this is the best I have ever heard. Technology is absolutely amazing! I can communicate better with my wife, and my co-workers are amazed. I am hearing things I have never heard before."

Larry Mason, Dothan, AL

"I think my hearing devices are just wonderful!"

Robbie Brown, Dothan, AL

"I am so happy to have them and the world is so clear. When I walk out into my pretty backyard I can hear the birds and I can hear my kittens meow, I love that. At work, I can hear all my customers clearly and that is awesome."

"I am so thankful for my hearing devices and for the girls at Physicians Hearing Center. They are just the sweetest things and help us so much. I am thankful with how much my hearing aids help me at work with hearing and understanding people clearly. On the telephone, I no longer have to strain. I can hear my pets and understand my neighbors."

Sandy & Debbie Dykes

The difference I have noticed wearing my new Oticon OPN device over the last few weeks is that I can hear much better in groups and out with friends. I can hear what is said all the way across the table and the sound is much better.  It just has made life much better. 

Voncille Andrews, Ozark, AL

The Oticon OPN is the best hearing aid I have ever had over the past 30 years.  Normally, when I put a new set of devices in I am in the office every other day to start with and get everything adjusted. But this, no!  These things work great!  They work great with the television, the phone and in the truck. This type of technology is amazing how it works and how it functions for you.  These aids pull the conversation in for you, and allow you to never be afraid to join a conversation.  I just love them!

Darrell, Cowarts, AL

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