I tried buying hearing aids from a place in Enterprise but my hearing was like listening to somebody in the Grand Canyon.  They could not stop the echoing.  So I came to Physicians Hearing and now I can hear like I used to. 

Wilmer Bradley, Enterprise, AL

The new Oticon OPN devices have been great.  They are so much greater than the ones I've had, I can hardly believe it.  They provide more clarity and pick up sounds I haven't been able to hear in awhile.  

Tremain Lavrine, Eufaula, AL

“Don’t let people tell you that hearing devices don’t work, because they do!  I have not had a bit of trouble and my new devices from Physicians Hearing Center work great!  It is amazing what the new technology can do and I am so proud of my new ears!” 

Bertha Etheridge, Dothan, AL

“I hate that I waited so long before treating my hearing loss.  I am grateful for my wife who encouraged me to get help, and I am apologetic to her for not doing something about my hearing loss sooner.  The professionalism and kindness I received from Physicians Hearing Center is greatly appreciated and the cost was not bad either.  All levels were offered and there was no pressure.  The audiologists were true professionals from the beginning to the end.  They are not there to just sell a hearing aid.  They are out to help!”

  Gerald Love, Dothan AL


"RichardPoseyMy hearing instruments opened up a new world for me and I love how small and discreet they are."
Richard Posey, Dothan, AL

"Physicians Hearing Center has provided me with some hearing aids that do not have the background noise, they fit well, have restored my hearing level to almost normal, and they are hardly noticeable. My audiologist is great: I would recommend her to anyone."
John P. McDaniel, Sheriff, Jackson County

"With my new EPOQ hearing aids, sounds are more natural than with my previous digital aids."
Betty Bell, Echo, AL

"I realized a few months after purchasing my hearing aids that not hearing was exhausting me – both physically and mentally. I have more energy at the end of every day because I do not spend my days working so hard to hear what is going on around me. I sell for a living and hearing well is a must."
Jan Gilmer, Dothan, AL

"Along with coping skills, hearing aids have enabled me at lead a normal life. Knowing what I know now, I regret having waited to get help with my hearing. Physicians Hearing Center helped me to realize what I was missing. I love my hearing aids and never leave home without them."
Jerry Abner, Dothan, AL

"My hearing aids have changed my life completely. I am sorry I waited so long to treat my hearing loss. If someone were to offer me twice what they are worth, I would not accept it. My hearing aids mean that much to me and are now a part of my body."
Lilly "Jean" Clearman, Dothan, AL

"My new Open Ear Hearing Aids do not whistle. I hear much better, louder, and clearer. They have improved my understanding ability. These are the best hearing aids I have ever had, and I have been wearing hearing aids from Physicians Hearing Center for 25 years."
Linda Saliba, Dothan, AL

"I heard everything Sunday at church with my new hearing aids, and it was wonderful! I was even sitting towards the back."
Pam Forrester, Dothan, AL

"I worked for years and did not know how bad my hearing had gotten. My new hearing aids from Physicians Hearing Center have changed my life. It has been like coming out of a locked in box."
Ruby Miller, Bonifay, FL

"I love my new Open Ear hearing aids from Physicians Hearing Center. I am excited about the way I can hear and understand conversations. Even in noisy restaurants, I can still understand everyone at my table. I can hear the lyrics of songs with my new aids, which I could not with my old instruments."
Martha Foy, Dothan, AL

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