ReSound hearing aids let you listen the way you want, offering an assortment of devices to help improve your hearing experience regardless of your lifestyle.

The company’s selection of smart hearing aids, wireless accessories and apps makes it a hearing aid for modern times, using technology to make hearing easier, no matter your level of impairment. 

Image of ReSound hearing aids.

ReSound LiNX 3D

Hear more than you thought possible with the Resound LiNX 3D, the company’s most advanced digital hearing aid. Making it easier to identify speech from other noise, the LiNX 3D also gives you the capability to use them as wireless headphones.

  • Surround Sound capabilities give the wearer 360 degrees of soundscape, doing away with the need to turn your head or re-position to hear the speaker.
  • Spatial Sense technology makes sounds around you as clear and natural-sounding as possible.
  • Binaural Directionality III works in more complex hearing situation by using ear-to-ear technology to mimic how we hear. This allows you to focus on the noise source you choose, without being isolated from others.

ReSound Up Smart

These smart hearing aids were developed to adapt to children’s listening needs. The ReSound Up Smart combines Surround Sound quality, wireless connectivity and a variety of design personalization options to make this a perfect choice for children. Using the ReSound Smart App also allows them to adjust volume, treble and bass and save favorite settings for different places such as school and home.

Tinnitus Treatment

The ReSound Relief app takes an individual approach to provide relief for your tinnitus, offering a number of soundscapes to mask your tinnitus. 

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