At Physicians Hearing Center in Dothan, Alabama we not only treat hearing loss, we also help prevent it by offering custom hearing protection products. It’s important to preserve your hearing now so you can continue to hear later.

Types of Hearing Protection Products

We offer the following hearing protection products:

  • Swim Molds- We design this form of hearing protection just for you. The precise fit keeps your ears dry while in the water. They’re typically used to prevent swimmer’s ear, an infection of the outer ear canal.
  • Custom Ear Molds- By creating a plug in the exact shape of your ear, it provides better protection than a store bought plug, is worn whenever you might encounter loud noises. Custom ear molds from Westone have the option for standard or digital protection.
  • Musician Plugs- Musician’s ear plugs decrease volume while allowing you to hear your music clearly. This type of hearing protection guards your ears and lets you know you’re playing at your best. These canal-style earplugs are sleek and virtually unnoticeable -perfect for any musician or music lover.

Put your special signature on a pair of custom ear plugs or molds by choosing from a wide variety of colors. Schedule an appointment with our audiologists at Physicians Hearing Center in Dothan, Alabama.