At Physicians Hearing Center, we provide comprehensive hearing health care to residents in the Dothan, Alabama community. We not only treat hearing loss, we also help prevent it by offering custom hearing protection products.

Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is the most common type of hearing loss, affecting people of all ages. And although everyone is vulnerable to it, most people are unaware they’re at risk. Fortunately, once you become aware of the danger and potential causes, you can take steps to conserve your hearing, simply by limiting exposure and wearing hearing protection.

NIHL is caused by damage to the tiny hairs, or sensory cells, that are found in our inner ears. These cells convert the sound vibrations into electrical signals which travel to the brain. Once these sensory cells are damaged, they cannot grow back, which is why prevention through hearing protection is so important.

The onset can be immediate, from a one-time exposure to intense sound bursts (such as a gun shot at close range, or an explosion), or from repeated exposure to sounds above 85 decibels, which is considered the cut-off point of safe sounds. The louder the sound, the shorter duration required for you to sustain NIHL.

Some common sounds and their average decibel levels:

  • 85 decibels: alarm clock, whistle (at a sporting event or used in law enforcement), blender, hair dryerdecibel-chart-300px
  • 100 decibels: lawn mower, heavy city traffic, car horn
  • 110 decibels: tractor, chain saw, rock concert, train, leaf blower, car alarm
  • 120 decibels: fireworks display, thunder clap, wood chipper
  • 140 decibels: artillery fire

One of the biggest threats to your hearing is the use of personal audio device, such as an MP3 player. Extended use at high volumes is responsible for widespread hearing loss in children, adolescents and young adults. A great rule of thumb to follow (and to teach your children) is the 60 – 60 Rule: Limit use to 60 minutes at a time, at 60% of the volume.

Other tips to prevent NIHL include:

  • Distancing yourself from the source of loud sounds whenever possible
  • Pay attention to your environment and the sounds you regularly experience. If you find that your occupation or recreational activities expose you to harmful levels of sound, use hearing protection.

At Physicians Hearing Center, we offer our patients custom made hearing protection products for musicians, hunters, swimmers and others whose hearing may be in jeopardy.

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